Our story

Imagination challenges limits.

It all started with the uplifting and profound memory of our childhood. We were spending our summers at our grandparents barefoot, covered in dirt and happy, together with the other kids from the village. We were free and pure, time did not exist just yet, and joy was sparked by the simple things.

The countryside games were covering us in the dust and dirt of a wonderful life. We were bathing in the river dawn with grayish - green argyle stones, polished by the water, the sun drying us off afterwards. Each of our stones were getting more precious the rounder they became. We were all the same and everything was exactly as it should be, nothing was missing. And we each had a Dream we were not willing to compromise on.

Every day was following the next without a care in the world, until imperceptibly, time started to matter...

Instinctively, we are drawn towards nature and rounded shapes.

Rediscovering the pure pampering of childhood and reconnecting you with your essence is the goal of our 100% natural handmade soaps.

Vegan butters and oils merge into a sublime fusion we proudly and respectfully call art.

All ingredients are carefully selected using Ayurvedic principles to activate the incredible powers of nature in sync with the human body. The final shape of our soap had to be round like the pebbles naturally polished by water, wind and time. Manufactured in very limited batches, every soap is individually cared for with dedication so that it becomes one with nature before reaching you. Every shape has a particular story and history, is unique and perfect through imperfection, just like us.

Our pure essence is completely integrated into the natural environment, it is Home. Our inner children will always be part of us, exactly like we have unintentionally left them. They will resurface every now and again when we allow our feelings to welcome them back, and it is amazing when we do.

We encourage you to reconnect with nature within yourself and to revisit a place where time did not mean a thing.

With every sumptuous touch, remember you are here to fully enjoy the miracle called life.

Remember that happiness is a choice, and that you deserve everything as the beautiful human that you are in this moment. Allow yourself the joy of pampering, as it is a symbolic act that will create wonders in your world.

One day you can fly so high that absolutely everything will make sense. It’s a promise, if you choose it.